Bluecrater Academy

Because Eberron is a previously feudal society undergoing an industrial revolution, most of its citizens have only a basic education. By the age of 15 or so, most young men and women have moved out of their parents’ homes and begun working at a trade. Only a lucky few are afforded the luxury of continuing their education at a university.

Bluecrater Academy is one of the oldest buildings in Cauldron; it was crafted with magic by its founder, Surabar Spellmason. Surabar envisioned a place where all of Cauldron’s citizens could go for learning, regardless of their age. At five stories tall, it is the tallest building in Cauldron.

A student’s education is organized according to the rule of 4:
They are given a choice of four main paths of study: War, Spellcraft, Music, or Magewrighting.
They have the option to join one of the four Houses: House Fallaeme, House Goldenrod, House Kalinth, or House Spellmason.
They are expected to complete four years of instruction to graduate: Initiate, Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master.

A typical first year schedule for an initiate:
8am: combat drills
9am: breakfast
10am: cantrips
11am: History of Xen’drik
12pm: lunch
1pm: Potions and herbology
3pm: Sports, Arts, or Music
4pm: Trade-specific apprenticeships
6pm: dinner

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Bluecrater Academy

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