The Lake Monster

Crater Lake, which is located in the center of town, is very deep. So deep that nobody can agree just how far down it goes, although it must be at least a thousand feet.

For over a hundred years, it’s been rumored that a terrible monster lives in the deep waters of Crater Lake. Those who believe the stories call this creature the Morkoth.

People say that nobody survives seeing the Morkoth, because it can hypnotize you with its cold, dead eyes and beckon you to swim right into its mouth. Although, if it were true that no one has seen the monster and lived to tell the tale, how would anyone know what it looked like?

Some say it has a sharp beak, others say it has rows of sharp teeth.
Some say it has tentacles like an octopus, others say it has fins and swims like a shark.
Some say it has a face like a man, others a face like a pug.

Most people in Cauldron don’t actually believe there’s a monster in the lake, but it’s a fun story and there are even “find the monster” games during festivals.

Old man Zanathor claims to have seen the lake monster and survived.

The Lake Monster

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